Home-made Plant Milks

Plant milks can be prepared at home. This section shows how to prepare some kinds of plant milks.

Soy Milk Preparation

This recipe shows how to make soy milk at home using soaked soybeans. The soy milk can be used in several other recipes provides in the Cooking recipes section. Soy milk can tolerate boiling and cooking and can replace dairy milk in recipes where milk needs to be boiled and cooked.

Oat Milk Preparation

This recipe shows how to make oat milk at home using old-fashioned oats and water. Oat milk is appropriate in recipes that do not need to milk to be cooked (e.g. rava laddu). Oat milk can become starchy and gummy when heated. So depending on the recipe, oat milk can be used (e.g. chakkera pongali / sweet mung bean porridge).

Home-made Almond Milk

This video shows how to make almond milk at home. The video also shows how to prepare latte using almond milk and molasses.